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Copying data from the Stratigraphy program to other GEO5 programs

The Stratigraphy program enables the user to copy and paste Cross Sections and Output profiles to other GEO5 programs.

The following procedure shows how a cross section can be copied into the Slope Stability program. The procedure for copying the cross sections (profiles) into other GEO5 programs is identical.

1. In the Stratigraphy program, select the cross section you want to copy and use the button "Copy cross section to Clipboard".

Copying a cross section from the Stratigraphy program

2. Open the Slope Stability program and in the upper toolbar, click on "Edit" and then select "Paste data". To confirm that all data will be pasted, press "OK".

Pasting a cross section into the Slope Stability program

The result of this procedure is a copied cross section including all interfaces and soil assignments.

The resulting copy of a cross section in the Slope Stability program